Does Cloudflare Images support subfolders?

As we post images to the Cloudflare Images system, there doesn’t appear to be any way to designate folders to place the images into. Am I missing something or do all images simply get placed in the single location on Cloudflare Images?

You’re not missing anything unfortunately. That’s a limitation of Cloudflare Images today.

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Thank you veeraravala4, but I looked all over for documentation and I cannot find any documentation related to creating subfolders for images uploaded via the API. Can you point me to the docs?

That reply was incorrect. There aren’t folders, but you can use Custom IDs to make URLs that look like there are folders involved, since a custom ID can contain a slash.

We don’t support folders, and we are not planning on doing so anytime. To address the problem of the experience provided we are exploring ways to let you organise images using tags/categories.

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