Does "Cloudflare Images" require Business plan for Workers?

I enrolled into “Cloudflare Images” and was able to upload a test image and use custom variants.

However, then I tried running a Worker to resize an image as described at but the final image is not resized and there is no “Cf-Resized” header in the response. I’m on a “pro” plan, and the docs at Understanding Cloudflare Image Resizing – Cloudflare Help Center say that Image Resizing required the Business plan and above.

Can you please confirm if it’s expected that “Cloudflare Images” customers can use this feature from workers?

I believe that’s a separate product. The new one uses images not hosted in your domain, and the Workers one resizes images hosted on your site.

Is there a reason you’re trying to use both at the same time?

Thanks! I don’t have a Business plan available for this project, but love Workers and was wondering if I could use them to generate thumbnails through this new feature (without re-uploading all assets).

A Cloudflare PM (Zaid) confirmed on Twitter that using this from Workers is not currently possible, but they’ll be looking into it

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