Does Cloudflare have idle capacity in its DCs?

Hi there, I realise this is definitely more of a question for the Cloudflare folks in the room, but thought it’d be a good conversation out in the open, if possible.

Does Cloudflare currently have any idle capacity (servers not doing anything) within any of their data centres around the globe?

If that’s the case and there is idle capacity, could something be done to utilise it at all?

For example, given the current global health pandemic with CoViD-19, perhaps this capacity could be dedicated to running [email protected] clients with the new CoViD specific workloads available? Or, if not, perhaps other distributed computing tasks better tuned to the specs available in the idle capacity?

If there was idle capacity that is no longer idle, can anything be shared on what it’s being used for? Distributed computing of any kind?

Stay safe y’all.

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I do not know anything specific about the DCs.

I would expect them to utilize all servers equally (except maybe hot or cold spares, but I doubt it). There might be some headroom on all servers, of the load balancing is done correctly as I expect.

I would also expect less capacity than usual given the upticks in traffic (+30% on average here in Italy), especially on the historically lower usage periods due to home-schooling and work from home.


Yeah, definitely not expecting large volumes of excess capacity floating around – just thought it’d be an interesting Q.

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Probably tons of bandwidth, a bit less processing? They still need to handle the DDoS attacks…

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