Does Cloudflare have HTTP/3 support between edge to the main server?

Hi, I have a question that is related to HTTP/3.
Does Cloudflare have HTTP/3 support between the edge server (Cloudflare) to the main server?

(Please do not confuse with the between client to Cloudflare connection)

Pfft! They barely have HTTP/2 to origin. And HTTP/3 is so new they’ve just ironed out the kinks for client connections.

So…no. No HTTP/3 to origin.

What there a particular reason you wanted it?

The ISP gateway after Cloudflare or maybe other hops apply Qos between Cloudflare edge to Origin.
This limitation is per socket, maybe I bypass this limitation by replaying each packet with a different source address.

                 ISP1                             ISP1(gw)                 Cogent
             ----------->                      ----------->            -----------> 
client                   Cloudflare                                                   Origin
             <----------                      <-----------            <-----------
                 ISP1                           unknown                 Cogent

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