Does Cloudflare have any alliance program?


We were considering integrating one of our services at the edge of some well-known CDN/WAF providers, I managed to find resources to guide me in most of the other companies I wanted to reach out to, however, with Cloudflare I was only able to find bandwidth alliances and very little information other than that. There are contact buttons but with this little information, it’s impossible (at least to me :sweat_smile: ) to know whether if we are eligible for any of those programs or not.

There are other Partner programs:

The friendly neighborhood @cs-cf might also know a thing or two partnering up with Cloudflare.

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Yeah, I managed to find that page, however, with resources I was referring to documents with insight about pricing/contract resume (Sorry if I was not clear in that aspect).

We seem to match with Technology Partners , our solution would only be applied in a very short span of time, we are working on slightly more complex bot protection that is primarily used in major sales of websites with exclusive items. Workers to be specific seem to be incredibly useful for us and customers that use both Cloudflare and our solution.

I doubt you’ll find any pricing or contract information online. Have you contacted Sales?

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Cloudflare for SaaS may be what you are looking for.

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And if SaaS turns out to be it, they announced wider availability:

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Whether if it’s what we need or not for this very solution, that is very interesting since all of our products are SaaS :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Generally these programs are available for any Cloudflare customers. The datacenters supported by an Alliance partner can vary and what/if any steps are required with the partner to receive the discount varies… it would be best to connect with the Bandwidth Alliance partner in question to confirm (as it impact the bill with that provider… Cloudflare isn’t really involved per se, because we aren’t charging for the bandwidth in the first place).

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