Does Cloudflare have a security problem?

Who else besides me and CF knows that firstly I have an account with CF and secondly that I am logged in to CF with a specific email address when I regularly receive the following (spam) email?

Von *******.de generierte Nachricht.

Benachrichtigung über 9 ausstehende Nachrichten.

Einige Nachrichten können nur eingeschränkt an info@*****.de zugestellt werden.

Aufgrund der geringen Bandbreite bitten wir Sie, umgehend Maßnahmen zu ergreifen.

Meldungen freigeben*****|DE Hier überprüfen*****|DE

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Anyone that knows your domain name will know that from your DNS.

If your special address is the info@ address, that is a common role account user name that is frequently targeted by spammers. It is such a frequent target that I apply mandatory quarantine to all email sent to info@ in all of my domains.

If that URL is being used to host phishing, you can report it here:

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