Does Cloudflare have a POP in Costa Rica?

I don’t see Costa Rica on the map of locations, but I noticed it on the page.

If it’s on cloudflarestatus as Operational, then it’s a safe bet it exists. It also shows up in a list of active POPs @soldier_21 compiled.

Where can I find the list of active POPs you mentioned?

It’s a database file. If he’s on today, he might post a download link. is another source of PoP locations

Having said that, I havent been able to see SJO in the wild yet, its possible that only a few specific ISPs in Costa Rica will be routed to it


Costa Rica is small country, there are probably less than six ISPs that handle 95% of the internet traffic. I’m familiar with most of them because I ran an internet business from there for several years. In fact, I was living there over 10 years ago when I first signed up for Cloudflare (I think they had only been in business for a month when I signed up). Cloudflare owns IPs for Costa Rica 190.93.250 Costa Rica - Cloudflare, Inc. - Search IP addresses, but none of them appear to be live. CF has POPs all over Latin America, but I’ve been waiting for them to activate their Costa Rica location. Other CDNs have been active in CR for quite a while. Akamai even has a big office there (one of my former employees works for them).

See also: PeeringDB


By the time I got to the bottom of that peering list, I forgot what I was looking for, but I don’t think I found whatever it was I was looking for.

I assume it’s but I’m not on the network team, just looking at the DB.

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