Does cloudflare has hosting services?

Does Cloudflare have hosting services?

because I have got one domain name from Cloudflare but I am not sure How to make web pages.

Yes, Cloudflare does offer hosting services, but it will probably not be the type that you are looking for - it is targeted towards web developers.

Normally, you would host your website somewhere else and then create DNS records for it here in Cloudflare.

If you want to have a look at Cloudflare’s hosting service, you can read the docs for Cloudflare Pages.



Actually, I have made a domain name from couldflare site, so I need to go to one of the web hosting sites and then transfer it?

Is this what I supposed to do right?

Thanks for your patience!

You don’t need to transfer your domain. It is perfectly normal to have your domain with one service (Cloudflare) and your hosting with another service. Most hosting providers support this.

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