Does Cloudflare free plan support caching html, css and img on Buenos Aires, Argentina?

Hi everyone, I’m new using Cloudflare. I was trying to cache html from my dynamic website into a cdn. I’m using the Free Plan and seems I have already cached files, but not in Argentina. My question is: does Cloudflare limit in the free plan which countries can I cache my static files? Thank you!


Cloudflare will cache static files by default. The cache will be created at the CF datacenters where your visitors get your pages, regardless of where your website is hosted. So you can have a website hosted by a company in Argentina, but when you use Cloudflare, the visitor will be routed to a Cloudflare datacenter, which will then check whether the files are available in the cache. If not, CF will request it to your host server.

Many ISPs route requests to Cloudflare websites to the US, so it is common for websites in countries like Brasil and Argentina to have their files served out of MIA (Miami), EWR (Newark), IAD (Washington) etc, instead of from their local Cloudflare data centers, due to an issue called peering.

HTML is not cached by default, but you can create a Page Rule for your domain with a setting: Cache Level: Cache Everything.

If you search either the Support website or this Community, you will see many posts explaining Page Rules for caching and the “peering” issue that causes visitors to be sent to the US instead of to nearby datacenters.


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