Does Cloudflare do everything an Image-CDN would do?


Im a paying Cloudflare user.

Recently Ive been hearing about image-cdn services likes bunnycdn and

Is there a benefit to having one of those services serve the images from my website, or does CLoudflare already do the same thing?

reason I ask is that Im getting into google web stories, which are heavy on images, moreso than my regular blog.

Depends on if you have any specific features you like about those ‘image CDNs’. The only thing Cloudflare does is serves and caches images to the user’s closest Datacenter, and automatically converts images to webp (faster & lower-size file) if the browser supports webp. Beyond that, CF only has the paid feature image resizing (which is not automatic and requires manual setup/manual orchestration).

The only advantage I see CDNs having is their cache hit ratio. Cloudflare will evict infrequently accessed files pretty quickly, but something like BunnyCDN’s Edge Storage add-on will keep those files close to your users.

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