Does cloudflare deliver video content?

Hello there fellas, im still little bit new on this community.
i have registered my website with cloudflare cdn i was wondering if they deliver video contents as well, meaning i will be uploading all my videos data to my domain’s storage and from there i will be hosting the video locally.

Thanks alot

If you want to host video you might want to have a look at

You can also host it on your own server, however should you use too much traffic (particularly on a few datacentres concentrated) you’d run the risk of getting your account suspended

There’s also this:

Note: We permit caching of third party video content only for enterprise domains. Free/Pro/Biz users wanting to serve video content via Cloudflare may use Stream which delivers an end-to-end video delivery service.

Having a few static videos on your site isn’t an issue but you should consider using stream for anything more.

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