Does Cloudflare dedicated SSL support old browsers?


I am a little confused with Cloudflare’s SSL certificates. I’m currently on the Pro plan and Universal SSL certificate is active.

My doubts are as below:

  1. This link says SSL certificates on paid plans are compatible with all desktop browsers. But even when I am on the paid plan, it shows ‘Universal SSL’ active which only supports “Desktop Browsers installed on Windows Vista or OS X"10.6 or later:”

  2. Cloudflare has option to buy “Dedicated SSL certificates” but again according to the above link, it will only support “Desktop Browsers installed on Windows Vista or OS X 10.6 or later:”

3. Which SSL certificate should I use or buy which will support all desktop browsers and Android versions greater than 2.2?


Ravi Mittal

The entire Cloudflare network only supports TLS 1.0-1.3, no matter which certificate you buy. You should compare this with Qualys User Agent Capabilities and see which mobile phone versions support at least TLS 1.0.

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