Does Cloudflare create Let's Encrypt certificates?

We have a couple domains on Cloudflare since a long time with “Certificate Transparency” reporting enabled.

Since a bit more than a month, suddenly a lot of these domains got a report that a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate was issued.
We revoked the certificates, but a few days later, someone recreated them again.

We were in touch with Let’s Encrypt support, who told us that it’s Cloudflare who creates these SSL certificates. Is this true?

We know for certain that:
a) we did not create the certificates ourselves
b) we do not have any hosting company, web designer,… who did this, since we have all of this in house. And we are a very small team of just a few people, so we can be 100% certain nobody of us created them.
c) we are sure it’s not the registrar who somehow created them - it affects domains that are registered with multiple different registrars that are located all around the world and have nothing to do with each other.

Yes. Cloudflare uses both DigiCert (for the “Cloudflare” certs) and Let’s Encrypt. It kind of seems like 50/50 for which they use.

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