Does cloudflare collect page credentials in DNS Proxy Mode?

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If i have website and one of the pages has username and password for login , and i use the DNS PROXY mode . is it possible of Cloudflare to collect the username and the password or it is redirected to origin page at the back-end server?


Hi @jihad.daghrah ,

No , Cloudflare don’t collect Username & Password

I would like to ask Why do you need Cloudflare to collect username & Password ?

Are you worried that Cloudflare will collect your user login data? Or do you want to collect user login data via Cloudflare?

The answer is “NO and BIG NO.”

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thanks Keizha,
no we don’t want to collect the credentials , but we are worried that Cloudflare can collect the credentials. but if you can extend my knowledge how Cloudflare act if the client put the cred is it sent encrypted to the origin server ?


thanks my friend for your assistant. no i don’t want to collect the data . i was afraid that the creds sent not encrypted between the client and my origin server.


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And that’s what they are. Cloudflare does have access to all data in plain text of course.

You may want to check out

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