Does Cloudflare cause issues or errors when trying to use a cookies banner on website or funnel?


Please bare with my relatively long question. I need to explain it further. Question is at the end. Thank you.

I have a domain with 1&1IONOS and my DNS with Cloudflare. I went to a cookie policy provider and to add a cookies banner to my website I need to enter my website URL in the provider’s online dashboard for them to scan the website. Once the scan is done I can proceed to add a cookies banner. I entered my domain but the cookies provider said it is showing with a different pathway and this is the reason it is showing up with errors. For example, my domain is [test co uk] whereas when I enter this with my cookies provider as [www test co uk] it is actually showing up on their end as [www test co uk/first page test]. the full domain is www co uk/welcome and not www co uk/first page test].

Previously to this, I had a .com domain and this was not associated with Cloudflare. When setting up cookies it went through fine and the URL was recognised. However, for my co uk domain, this is associated with Cloudflare and when setting up cookies I am having problems.

Also, I do have a test domain with [example dot com/first page test]. This is not associated with cloudflare and is not associated with any of my other domains. This test domain is held with a complete different provider. I use this to test page design changes without using my live website builder so I don’t fire off all my tracking codes unecessarily.

I’m wondering whether my co uk domain is being merged with dot com/first page test and thereby showing up as co uk/first page test?

I have contacted my web host provider to make sure it isn’t on their end.

With all this in mind, has anyone had issues with trying to get a cookies banner with a cookies provider
when their site is associated to Cloudflare? I’m wondering whether Cloudflare is keeping back up copies and maybe this is what is causing the issue - But I really don’t know.

Any thoughts of what your experiences are would be gratefully received.

Kind regards,

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