Does cloudflare cache subdirectory url?

If I have - all with different images and assets do all these subdirectory url get cache, or do i have to call some api to cache it?

All covered by Understanding Cloudflare's CDN – Cloudflare Help Center.

Cloudflare does not care about the path, but about the file extension.

How much does cloudflare charge per view or per image, the only cost I found is there static pricing plans.

Do I get charge the same with 1million view vs 1 view and caching 1million image vs 1 image?

I’d suggest you really check out as that is all covered there.

There are no charges of the type you mentioned.

just to clarify, we are talking about cdn and caching? both is covered in the static pricing plan?

Cloudflare is not really a CDN in the first place but the proxies are caching on all plans.

i might be confused, but Global content delivery network (CDN) is listed in the 20$ plan

Yeah, they wrote CDN but it still is not a CDN in the traditional sense. I’d recommend to read the getting started guide to get a better understanding of how it works and what it does.

yeah, I did look into the doc, but I am pretty new on this, let me take another look

What extensions do you mean ?
The one in the header ?
If it does not has a path extension aka
instead of
it will not get cached ?

Are you sure about this ?

My understanding is that Requests
are Cached and that the url path extension does not matter.

otherwise if a static html page does exist under
this url path here
it will be not cached which is not right.

Sure, the documentation is pretty detailed on that. I’d also recommend to check out #tutorials and the search, as most of these topics are not only covered in the documentation but also in lots of threads.

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