Does Cloudflare cache 508 error pages?

Does Cloudflare cache 508 error pages? But I don’t want to.

I’ve enabled caching all data. Sometimes, a webpage might give 508 error when visiting the webpage for the first time (last few days some unknown script running continuously on my web server which causes 508 error, I’ve to fix it).

I don’t what Cloudflare to cache such pages. What settings do I have to enable it or will it work by default?

I’m not sure if this is possible but will check. Are you still having issues with your pages returning intermittent errors?

The hike in the CPU usage has come down but it may occur again in the future. I dont want error pages to be cached by Cloudflare.

508 error is like - A webpage temporary stops working but if you reload the page it will work.

But if the Cloudflare caches the webpage during the error, then all the visitors going to see it every time instead of the working page.

I don’t want Cloudflare to cache 508 and similar error pages.