Does Cloudflare block website clone software like httrack?

Can Cloudflare block website clone software like httrack? As the code and images are in the browser to rendor the page I guess this is not possible. I have a pro account. If anyone knows would be greatfull for a heads up.

Many thanks

Checking the referer might be a good start (usually requests to CSS, JS, images, etc. after a page load will include the referer header).

Thanks for your reply Eric, how would i go about checking the referer please?

Maybe it could identify and block if the User-agent is something similar like HTTrack?
Assuming the user hasn’t changed the default one, yes.
Otherwise, possible it will not block it due to different User-agent.

A Firewall rule with action “block”:
(http.user_agent contains "WinHTTrack") or (http.user_agent contains "HTTrack")

Or like blocking some others too as Java, etc. for an User-agent.


Hi fritexvz,

Thank you that look like it could be the answer i was looking for.

Many thanks

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