Does Cloudflare block some user agents by default?

I have a business partner complaining that Cloudflare has blocked access to a page from a server using Postman with User-Agent: Jakarta Commons-HttpClient/3.1. I do not have user agent blocking enabled on my account.

I have a support case open, but I usually get quicker answers by posting here.

Yes, I see 28 events in that log, and they are all for that user agent.

Is the source for the block Browser Integrity Check? If so, you can disable that feature but it is correctly blocking a client (Postman) pretending to be something it isn’t.

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Thanks. I will try that.

They finally got back to me. That took care of the problem. Thanks for your help.

Is there way to selective exempt clients from Browser Integrity Check? I’d like to keep it in place for the rest of the world.

If you create a firewall rule you can turn it off for matching requests (e.g. from a specific IP address) by choosing Bypass as the action and Browser integrity as the component from the dropdown.

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