Does Cloudflare automatically purge DNS zones?

I spent a lot of time manually inputting DNS records for 3 zones I was preparing to move three domains over to Cloudflare and add a Pro plan. It’s taken a month or so to get things going, and I just logged into the account today to check on a few things, and all three of my zones are gone! I checked the audit logs, and it shows a “Purge” event from my account, but shows the IP address as

Does Cloudflare automatically purge zones that don’t have nameservers switched over to Cloudflare after so much time? I’m pretty annoyed now that I’m going to have to completely re-do all the work I did (which would be easier of Cloudflare’s zone record import tool actually worked).

It takes a few weeks, but unused zones get dropped. If you have a DNS configuration you like, you can export the zone file in BIND format.

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Yes. Inactive zones will be deleted.

Yeah, their import utility has failed 100% of the time for me, which is why I ended up just manually inputting all ~200 records. I exported the zone file in standard bind format from my current DNS provider. Try to import it into Cloudflare, fails every time. I read tons of posts on here about having to take some records out, change this, modify that, etc etc, tried various things, continued failing.

Please let Support know your imports are failing and include a copy of the BIND file.

Login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support by clicking on the Get More Help button.

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