Does Cloudflare and LiteSpeed Manage My Server Load?

Sir I have an Dedicated Server From Hetzner Online.
These Systems are running on my server :-
ConfigServer Firewall

Now I want to know that does CloudFlare and LiteSpeed Manage my server load ?

Like I have an WordPress website , I installed LiteSpeed Cache plugin and activated it and configured it well , then I connected my website to cloudflare , now will my website give less load to server than without installing LiteSpeed and connecting cloudflare ?

or if I have an simple website not WordPress website only simple website then if I connect my site to cloudflare then will my site give less load to my server ?

Please clear my query.

Since you did not share your domain name, we can not check your situation. Website traffic is also something to consider.

What you currently have will help with your server load. LiteSpeed Cache plugin will reduce PHP and Database operations, and Cloudflare will cache your static files.

Once you have LiteSpeed Cache plugin properly configured, keep an eye on your server load. It should be better.

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