Does Cloudflare allow high rate of traffic though Cloudflare hosted domain?


I am transitioning our site to use Cloudflare SSL instead of Let’s Encrypt. Currently, there are lot of communications between our servers that uses HTTP/HTTPS and WSS protocol. Due to high volume of requests (GET/POST mostly) I am worried that my main server IP might get blocked as DDoS or something.

I’ll explain one scenario with hundreds of thousands of requests a day.

I have a Nchan Publisher/Subscriber (Nchan server YY: // setup to update users about a process done on a backend server (Backend server XX: When a user connects to the website, a websocket is opened at wss://YY to which the user subscribe and XX pushes notifications. This process done for all the users who visit my website. If i calculate 6000 user/day with 500 messages/user, I get around 300k events send through the single Cloudflare SSL protected subdomain (YY). Will this lead to Cloudflare blocking my backend server? Is there a way to whitelist my Server IPs.

they have some limits around websocket but its not clear I would contact the support

Thanks boynet2, I’ll send a message to Cloudflare support.

Any moderators or admins that knows more about this. My certificate is expiring in 4 days. I am wondering I have to use a custom SSL certificate for such high traffic (From same IP address) endpoints.

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