Does Cloudflare affect email addresses?

If I put a site on Cloudflare, do we need to reconfigure the domains email address with the mail client? I have put two sites on. One didn’t get affected at all and one email crashed for the whole weekend.

Pls provide more infos as this is just not enough.

Do you proxy your E-Mail ‘Domains’ trough CloudFlare?
If yes, dont do so, EMail Domains (the (Sub)Domains your MX-Entrys are opinting at) are not working anymore for Email if you proxy them

Thank you

I’m not 100% sure to be honest.

Here is a picture of the records:

Can you tell if this would affect the email?


Yes I can tell, you can tell aswell :wink:
There is (behind the MX Entry) a little orange information mark. It pretty sure tells you, that your MX Entry is pointing to a Proxied A Record which will break the function of your Mail.

Do like this to solve it:

  1. create a A-Record which is called mail.domain.tld (replace “domain.tld” with your Domain)
  2. let the A-Record point to the IP your Mailserver is at
  3. Do NOT Proxy your A-Record :grey: (not :orange:!)
  4. point your MX Entry to the A-Record which is called mail.domain.tld (which you just created

This will make your Mail Setup work if everything on your MailServer is working fine.

Thank you so much for your help

I think I have it here

Looks good now.
Do you have configured any Mail-Server at your Server ( and set it up correctly?
If so: send a Mail and test your Mail-Setup now.

First Tests seems that you do have set it up right:

Its very slow and had a timeout but this is not related to CloudFlare

What you now did is a ‘work-around’ for using the same MX Entrys without proxying them but using at the same IP.
This is not optimal.
You should never set the Mail-Server to the same Server as the Web-Server as you cant proxy :orange: (hide) Mail-Entrys.

WebServer (A, AAAA) should better point to a different Server as MX Entrys
This gives you a bit more security

If thinks are working now pls mark the right Answer as “solution” and close the Thread.

Hi @user4552,

Just looking at the screenshot of your DNS page, you seem to have NS records for your root domain pointing to liquidweb. This shouldn’t be the case and you should remove those and make sure that all the other DNS records that liquidweb requires are copied over.

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I haven’t switched over the name servers yet.

I guess these will change when I do that?


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