Does Cloudfare Worker also optimize Image?

Hello, I just want to know if I need to implement cloudfare Worker (serverless architecture) for image optimization.I m already using cloudfare enterprise for this purpose, I use wordpress site. I just want to know if I need to do something with Cloudfare Worker for Better Image Loading Experience.

The worker will do whatever you tell it to do. There is nothing specific to images with workers. But it is probbaly best to address that issue with your dedicated support engineer. They should be able to quickly clarify your use case.

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but I am confused about the Worker Achitecture. Do I really need to do something for my image optimization with worker or the existing CF features will suffice? I run wordpress site with CF.

The image features in place should cover most aspects, but whether it is sufficien is something only you can eventually say.

As I said before, taking this to your engineer would be the best course of action I guess.

but do u think an wordpress site can be or should be used in CF worker for better image performance?

Probably not, but I dont know your site. Your Cloudflare engineer will know your account better.

No, using a worker to implement Cloudflare image optimization features will not provide any performance benefits vs using image optimization features available directly from the Cloudflare dashboard. In terms of image optimization, you have options to 1. polish (pro) and 2. resize (business), both available from Cloudflare Dashboard > Speed > Optimization.

You would only use a worker if you want to target advanced behavior for requests, but I can’t imagine what that could be in regards to image optimization.

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