Does Cloud flare effect the admin-ajax.php file on wp?

So i cant edit my homepage with elementor anymore. i get a 500 error. I contacted elementor and there response after ruining simple test was “Check if there is a ModSecurity or any other type of security software enabled on the server and if that software blocks the core WordPress file named “admin-ajax.php.” If so, these types of errors will appear. Contact your hosting provider for assistance with this if required.” This problem started once i started using Cloudflare. does anyone have suggestions? is this thier way of forcing your hand to purchase the subscription?

Do you have any rules in place affecting your /wp-admin/ directory? Or, do you have Bot Fight Mode or Browser Integrity Check enabled, anything like that?


First off, thank you for you response! second, I dont believe i do. but i am also not sure how to check that? where would i be able to determine that?

Bot fight is here

Rules are down there

Browser integrity

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I have a similar issue with Elementor and Cloudflare. On mine, I cannot submit a form. I get wp-admin/admin-ajax.php [HTTP/3 403 Forbidden 30ms] error. I have whitelisted my server IP, turned off bot and integrity check and the issue is still there. Thanks for any help

Hey, So my issue was a limited memory space, So i just had to go go my c panel find the configuration file and adjust the memory. how ever, you have a completely different error so i really cant help you. but just keep googling it you will figure it out!

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Anyone reading this and having the same issues… mine was caused by a WAF rule… easy fix by excluding the file that was having the issue.

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Which file was that? admin-ajax.php?

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