Does challenge passage apply to custom FW rule

we have a custom firewall rule that challenges certain traffic + global challenge passage time of 1 month.
will the global challenge passage apply to this rule ?

in this document Challenge Passage · Cloudflare Fundamentals docs
it says “When a visitor solves a Cloudflare challenge - as part of a Firewall rule or IP access rule - you can set the Challenge Passage to prevent them from having to solve future challenges for a specified period of time” >>> which is exactly what we need
But in the help of Challenge Passage, it says: " Why doesn’t the TTL apply to the WAF?
Challenge passage does not apply to challenges issued by the WAF (Web Application Firewall) as these challenges are not based on the visitor’s IP address reputation"
IP reputation should not have any effect here. as we manually set the challenge not based on its reputation. Still if the user solves challenge, logically, challenge passage should apply !!!

tested on one site. it is respecting the challenge passage set in global settings.
and I think it is cookies dependent as in private window, it was challenging again

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