Does CF take action against website breaking laws?


There is a website that sells data found in hacked databases, such as user passwords, email, full home addresses, phone numbers, full name and a lot more information.

I have asked the website owner to remove my personal information so users of the website cannot find them. I would prefer that my home address/passwords/phone numbers do not get sold or be accessible to the public.

The owner refused. I made a complaint through Cloudflare hoping that they would take action against the website, because I thought they would not condone and provide service to such illegal activities, but I have not received a response from CF. My guess is that they don’t care or didn’t think this is an issue. Which I think is a shame because it’s an issue.

A website doing the exact same thing got taken down by the FBI in 2020 for the exact same reason. But I would prefer not having to wait and hope the same happens here, and that Cloudflare pressures them to keep their activities legal.

I don’t know if someone from CF here can assist me, I would appreciate it.
Thank you.

Did you receive a confirmation and case number in the subject line? The team reviews all complaints but that may be the only reply you receive.

We do not have visibility into the Trust & Safety team records so we cannot assist with this on this forum.

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