Does CF support non-ECC certs

We use Oracle 12v to push API’s and it only supports non-ECC certs. Does CF support non-ECC certs pushing to a url that is configured on CF?

Also can I create non-ECC certs as origin on CF?



Domains on the Free Plan using Universal SSL only support ECDSA. If you need dual RSA/ECDSA you need to be on a paid plan, or you can purchase Advanced Certificate Manager for $10 per month.

Thanks Michael

We have an enterprise account so I will look at that.

I noticed the origin cert supports RSA. Is that what I need?

The origin cert is only used to secure the connection between Cloudflare and your Origin, and should not be visible to your application. They are really just self signed certs that Cloudflares own infrastructure trusts. Nothing else should trust the Origin certs.

If your application is talking directly to the Origin then you could always just use an RSA cert from a normal CA like Let’s Encrypt, and Cloudflare is not involved.

If your client application needs RSA certs in Cloudflare then,
you need ACM, or a paid plan.

I checked the cert that was depalyed and i can see the dual in its config. Not too sure if Oracle will like that but will test

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