Does CF support Geo variation caching?


Im wondering if its posible to make CF cache several versions of the same url baed on the user country or maybe based on a custom http header?

If its posible then i would appriciate if you told me how to do so and on which CF plan that feature is supported.




On the dashboard, Caching > Caching Level, you can chose between 3 levels. If you set it to Standard, it should cache every version of the URL, including variations on the query string. So if you add a query string that identifies each country, the pages will be cached separately.

Please see;


Thanks so much, This idea didnt cross my mind at all which is very nice. Im wondering if there is any other way to do that other than using query string, by using HTTP header for example?


There’s a Cache on Cookie level only available to Enterprise plan. I’m not aware of any other way of creating different cache pages of the same URL.

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