Does CF provide lb with a IP?

Ok so I am moving my website from one provider to another. I am trying to avoid dns blackout due to changing of the IP. I was hoping to purchase a LB from CF ahead of time and publish a new static IP (of the LB) a week before the move. Then when I move, I can simply change the target or origin of the LB to point to the new website with no dns blackout waiting for propagation.

I tried to setup a LB but it doesn’t look like it will issue a static ip, only dns manipulation. I could be wrong.

Is this possible with the CF LB?

Do you plan to proxy your site? If so, you do not need a load balancer, as the proxies will already handle that for you. Simply add your site to Cloudflare and whenever you switch, just change the DNS entries on Cloudflare and the new address will be live within seconds.

I am afraid of proxies, my website relies heavily on websockets, and I have had problems in the past with nginx and haproxy handling long term connections. I was hoping for just a simple tcp or layer 4 lb

The load balancer of Cloudflare still relies on the proxies. So if the proxies are not an option, Cloudflare won’t have to offer much, unless you went for an Enterprise plan with a customised package.

You could just proxy for the switch and then unproxy again.

But again, if you don’t proxy, you are only using DNS.

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