Does CF Firewall has negative impact on Website Speed and SEO

Hi, recently there was lots of attack on my website. So now I have activated a Cloudflare Firewall Rule that allows traffic from a few selected countries and partially restricts traffic from the rest of countries by JS Challenge.

Incoming requests match → country → is not → A, B, C, D, E, F → then → JS Challenge

I want to keep this firewall rule ACTIVE.

I haven’t notified any speed issue with my website…

Is there any CONS in having this kind of Active Firewall Rule in terms of SEO, Website Speed, and Security? Especially I want to know about Website speed…

I am not a security expert…So as I understand due to the firewall rule every request to my website will be first tested on the Firewall conditions before allowing to access…This will surely increase a few millisecond of page load time…

Please guide me…

Thank you.

A firewall rule will have less impact on speed than general fluctuations in network speeds without the firewall. So, no. Firwall won’t add any more speed than anything else on the network.

As for SEO, if you block crawlers and legitimate users, your ranking will go down.

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A big thank you…Sir.

Allow to Known Bots is already active…

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The chances of it impacting SEO are there, even if they white-list certain ip ranges, there are too many legit crawlers out there to just rely on a simple option such as “allow known bots”. (Note: this comes from my personal opinion).

If you have a developer, you could ask them to block those IPs that are found to be abusive and send them to cloudflare challenge using their API.

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