Does Cache-Everything Serve Large Video Files Too?


If I cache-everything on my site using CloudFlare, will it also cache very large video files (more than 100MB each) that are hosted on my site?


Up until 512 megabytes it will, but you’ll be also in violation of point 2.8 of the ToS and will likely have your account suspended.

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Wait, so why are they allowing up to 512MB files if videos are prohibited>?

Cloudflare is not intended for serving media. But we don’t need to discuss the whys here, I just wanted to make you aware of 2.8.

I understand, thanks.
I do not, however, understand the 512mb limitation. What other type of file can reach that size?

512 is a limit not a recommendation. Generally, 2.8 lays out the intended use of Cloudflare and if you have one video that won’t be an issue, but if you host video it will be. You should check out Stream for that.

What do you mean by host video?

I have three short clients’ testimonial videos on the site, currently served from YouTube but I’m about to delete my Google account and I want them elsewhere, so I was thinking of just putting them on the site itself, and since my CF is set on cache-everything, I was wondering if that would be alright.

If your site’s primary purpose is video. If you have a standard website and just embed three videos, that should be probably fine.

Thanks, Sandro.

Where do I make sure? When I contact their support they forward me to the community forum.

I do not think anybody will give you a guarantee, but three individual video files (particularly if they are short as you said) embedded into a standard website should not be an issue. The mentioned article refers to when you use Cloudflare to primarily serve video.

If you want to play it absolutely safe you should host it externally or use Stream, I’d also not count too much on the caching. Files of that size are likely to be evicted from the cache anyhow.

Maybe I’ll use Stream then. Will a WP site serve the Stream videos asynchronous (like Youtube, etc) to load the page fast ?

Not sure what you mean by asynchronous but yes, it will be served in a similar fashion as Youtube.

Probably means loading in background.

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Embedded videos are also loaded in that way then.

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