Does Automatic Platform Optimization (APO) cause problems?


Was there any change to the Automatic Platform Optimization (APO) today? A new issue appears on our site (Frontend post view counter not working properly anymore) and there was no change or update on the site for a while.

Does anyone know if there is a changelog for this tool?


I’m an end user and not an expert but from what I understand APO started heavily caching all pages of our website a couple of days after aktivation.

As a result first the post views in front end did not update anymore.

Then it become worse. All users become unable to login to our site anymore (fontend login).

After I disabled Automatic Platform Optimization (APO) all went back to normal.

I thougt APO would improve Pagespeed by serving fronts from Cloudflare Edge Network and I nowhere read about this heavy page caching.

Big warning to all users, do not aktivate APO on a live site without prior testing. It will cache your site to death.

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