Does Argo work with Load Balancers?

Does Argo route traffic to different load balancers?

Or in more detail, Argo Smart Routing sounds very similar to load balance feature ‘traffic steering’

But do they work together at all?

Based on my limited experience with these two services, I would say that Argo Smart Routing can deliver the same benefits (that are advertised for this service) when used with load balancing. I know that is the case between the end user and Cloudflare and I would assume the same goes for the traffic between Cloudflare and the origins. As far as I understand, load balancing is implemented at the edge so Argo Smart Routing would likely apply just like with other services (such as the base Cloudflare product). Someone else can probably expand on this and correct me as needed :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Argo smart routing happens after Load balancers accept the request. Argo’s smart routing algorithm routes traffic across the fastest network paths available and maintains open, secure connections to eliminate latency imposed by connection-setup. So Argo would find the fastest network path within CF’s network between CF load balancer to the load balancer pool’s origin servers. Without Argo, that path between CF load balancer and load balancer pool’s origin servers would be outside of CF’s network and suboptimal.


So is there a need to use both argo AND the load balancer ‘traffic steering’ then?

And before :grinning: Anecdotal, but I saw a much better choice of edge location after enabling it.

”Argo now delivers optimal routes from clients and users to Cloudflare, further reducing end-to-end latency while still providing the impressive edge to origin performance that Argo is known for.”



Based on your quote, I still am confused. It states that “Argo delivers routes from clients → cloudflare”

But eva2000 said that Argo routing happens AFTER CF load balancers accept the request.

Aren’t the load balancers within cloudflare, and therefore argo is first, and it routes TO the load balancers? Otherwise, how can CF load balance before argo routing?

Ah yes Argo 2.0!

Argo 2.0 optimises before BEFORE/AFTER CF load balancer. The before part is optimising the visitor client connection part to the CF edge server that handles the CF load balancer request. Argo basically implies connections within CF’s network which CF has control over to route optimally to/from the destination.

For what purpose do you have? As there are different types of traffic steering and you’d pick the one that makes the most sense for your desired outcome

For Dynamic steering that is measured latency which would be impacted if Argo was enabled I suppose as latency would differ for non-Argo vs Argo optimized route.

I use CF load balancer with Dynamic steering with Argo and works well though I am load balancer Argo Tunnels with a fallback to a serverless maintenance page using CF Workers :slight_smile:

I also use another CF load balancer with Geo steering to origin pool servers from a cluster with several dozen geographically dispearsed origin servers.


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