Does APO + Wordpress require page rules?

Hello all,

The documentation around APO is excellent, with the exception of how old page rules (prior to APO) should be maintained/eliminated when activating APO. Based on searching the community, it appears that NO page rules are required when APO is activated with a standard Wordpress site.

Currently, I have three page rules (that were setup prior to activating APO) that bypasses cache on wp-admin and previews, and caches everything else. Please let me know if it’s correct that I should deactivate these page rules now that I’m using APO.

Thank you.

APO does not need Page Rules. The ones you have probably interfere with APO, especially the Cache Everything Else. At least toggle them off.


Thank you very much for the extremely quick response! I appreciate the clear answer and will toggle them off. The site I’m using APO on can be found here:

I’m hoping this will help with the site’s performance, and I’m hoping I have it setup correctly :slight_smile: Thanks again and Happy Holidays to you.

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I can see these headers for :+1:

cf-apo-via => tcache
CF-Cache-Status => HIT
cf-edge-cache => cache,platform=wordpress

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