Does APO & Caching currently working?

i use CF with the pro account. After some trouble with caching on begin of october, all works fine until 22th october.

As you can see, since 22th. the delivery of cached pages are under the delivery of none-cached pages.
Even if i load a page in incognito mode the headers looks not optimal!

The page does not change since days, so the page should delivered via wordpress cache from the beginning. A normal reload of the page delivery the page correctly as

  • cf-edge-cache:cache,platform=wordpress
  • cf-cache-status:HIT

A Strg+F5 in same browser window delivers the page as

  • cf-cache-status:DYNAMIC
  • cf-apo-via:origin,no-cache

I did not change anything in cf-settings since weeks, so it is possible that the caching currently not work correctly?

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OK, i´ve solved this for me at the moment.
I wrote a tool inside a docker-container that reads every 30 mins the content (url-tag) of my google-page-sitemap.

For the first run, aprox. 20 pages read with state=DYNAMIC.

The second run returns all pages with state=HIT

The tool reads only the html-content of the pages, not the included ressources (like css, js --> this cache works like a charm).

For me it is enough, that my tool does the job to bring cloudflare to hold the content of my pages.


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