Does anyone know how Cloudflare email works?

Hi Everyone,
Yesterday around 9:30 pm IST, I got Cloudflare email beta access, like anyone else I did everything written in the email section of the dashboard and tried to send a test email, but I didn’t received it in my Gmail account.

So I thought dns records for email will take some time, I tried it again just now (9:13 am IST) I still didn’t received the test mail.

I have verified my Gmail and added the custom alias.

I guess I have to wait for a day or two to get things works.

Can anyone share me their experience and is your email working or not.

Btw, thanks Cloudflare for providing this free email service to students developers like me who can’t afford premium email services. I will always be thankful to you.


When I first got mine, I verified the email address, but then failed to add that address back again in the Custom Addresses section at the top. Your address should show up there with an Active toggle.

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I have done the same thing.
In my email address the toggle is on the green side, I.e it is active.

Can you tell me how much time your email addresses took to work?


I registered and got access to the Email Beta about 2 weeks ago. Successfully added several addresses … I repeatedly tried to send letters to these addresses, the declared forward did not work even once … Apparently it is still a very early Beta, the interface was finished, but the foward functionality itself is still in development…?

Can anyone from Cloudflare comment on whether to finish the experiment or keep waiting for a miracle? Thanks in advance

I guess there is some problem,
Hey @system can you please confirm if there is some mistake from my side?

Please let me know if I can help to fix it.

The Email Routing service should be working within 60sec after configuring on the dashboard.

If you sent your test email from your Gmail account and forwarded through Cloudflare back to the same Gmail account, Gmail will deduplicate the email and not show it in your inbox. Could you please try from a different account or using some online service?


Hi @sven2 ,
Thank you so much! I never thought of it😅 I tried sending a test email from my school email id to my website custom email and it worked.

Email Forwarded really fast within 1 second. Thanks again.

Oh, it’s works, really, thank you so much. Perfect service. Thanks again)