Does anybody try to use Cloudflare and MaxCdn (Stackpath) at the same time?

I have a wordpress website and I’m using MaxCdn(StackPath).

  1. What happens if I use Cloudflare and maxcdn at the same time ?

  2. Or to be more general what happens if I use Cloudflare and any other Cdn provider at the same time ?

Thanks in advance!

nothing special happen, it has 2 cases:

  1. you are using Cloudflare in front of maxcdn, you can get double cdn
    image request -> Cloudflare(miss?) -> maxcdn(miss?) -> your origin
  2. you using maxcdn as grey cloud
    image request -> maxcdn(miss?) -> your origin

the double cdn usage as cons and pro
the pro is price reduction(since cf is free), more chance of hit
the con is in case of 2 misses you will get worse performance since it will need to go through 2 hops

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Thanks for the reply,

So how can I disable the cdn feature of the Cloudflare ? Because, I’m going to use MaxCdn as a Cdn. But I still want to use Cloudflare just for minification feature. ( Minifying Css, JavaScripts, Html)

How can I do that?

Thanks in Advance :slight_smile:

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