Does all of my system's traffic routes through single cloudflared instance with WARP with GATEWAY

I’m using the current setup.

(Cloudflared daemon is running on an AWS EC2 instance - no inbound security group rules), and so on…

These^ are handled in the following manner:

  • A user can only access these URLs if they are connected to WARP with Gateway authenticated and authorized via logging into via WARP client - basically app is behind the Cloudflare access and can only be accessed if a user is on team’s gateway (or network).

My question is:

  • If I’m accessing say, or any other DNS related queries, or say netflix and etc.
  • Does all of my traffic is routed via single ec2 instance or not - My understanding says that “it only routes the traffic to ec2 instance whose routes are specifically defined under Private Network or Public Hostnames section of coudflare tunnels”.

I’m not sure how to confirm this - maybe there is a way to double check this but I’m not aware about that.

If someone can help and clarify this, would be really appreciated.

Thanks in advance.