Does a Domain have to be proxied in order for WAF (Firewall rules) to work?

The videos and documentation for WAF seem to only refer to a domain existing, not whether it is proxied or not as a pre-requisite to implementing Firewall Rules.

I assume that in order to enforce a Firewall rule then the returned address for the protected resource would be a proxy within Cloudflare so as to enforce the rule.

Is it the case that once a rule is enabled then this “Enforcement Proxy” is enabled by default?


Mike M

A site needs to be Proxied :orange: for WAF to work. Otherwise, those connections will go directly to the IP address (your server) in DNS.


Thanks for your reply. It probably would not be a bad idea for there to be some kind of warning prior to enabling a rule that the domain needs to be proxied. I know it seems like a no brainer but it’s easy to assume that there is some kind of automagic that takes care of proxy requirements for rule enforcement as soon as you turn a rule on.

All Cloudflare features need orangeclouded DNS records (proxy) to work.


Almost all. I believe Load Balancer is the exception.

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Ah yes you are correct. However, that is also comes with a note

In DNS-Only mode, you can configure load balancers to set a TTL from 30 seconds to 10 minutes. Cloudflare will serve the addresses of the (healthy) origin servers directly but relies on DNS resolvers respecting the short TTL to re-query Cloudflare’s DNS for an updated list of healthy addresses. Traffic for domains using DNS-Only mode is routed based on the data center associated with the user’s recursive resolver (DNS recursor).

We can’t guarantee (CDN wise) to have the content served from specific location.

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