Does a business Cloudflare license benefit my BigCommerce website?

Hello gurus!

My first post here, and the reason is I’m completely new to Cloudflare and am not yet sure if the benefits justify buying a license.

My website is on BigCommerce and from what I understand BC has a cooperation with Cloudflare already. Which additional benefits do I get from having a paid CF license?


Hi there,

Which additional benefits do I get from having a paid CF license?

I’m not from sales, and as a technical support engineer, if you’re referring to the zone vin???????, I’ll have to say that upgrading your zone will bring no benefits or almost no benefits.

Let me explain.
Currently, due to your settings, the apex and WWW are being delegated to BigCommerce, that’s why you are not able to see traffic or firewall analytics for these 2 hostnames in the dashboard, but this also means that these hostnames are basically SaaS custom hostnames in a zone belonging to BigCommerce, like this:

… so your zone is actually using Cloudflare features from the receiving zone, not yours, and in that sense, upgrading your plan will add features that you are not using and most likely have available at the receiving zone controlled by BigCommerce.

Edit. My advice might change if you plan on using specific subdomains to point to other origins, but as it stands, the Free plan will work just fine.

Take care.


Great, thanks a lot for your response and the insights!

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