Does a bulk redirect to a different domain need DNS records?

I have a domain registered with Cloudflare whose only purpose is to Bulk Redirect to a page on a different domain. For example, the only purpose for is to Bulk Redirect (already set up in Cloudflare) to . Is it okay to delete all existing Cloudflare DNS records for, the domain whose only purpose is to forward to a different domain page? was originally on bluehost with Wordpress and cpanel etc., but I would like to disconnect from bluehost completely.

You need a DNS record here for any hostname you want to redirect with a Bulk Redirect.

If that hostname is only for redirects, you can use a Placeholder DNS record, such as AAAA of 100:: or A of


Thank you! I searched on pieces of your answer and found a similar question in the Cloudflare community by someone who did not start with a website like I did but went straight to a redirect rule, but didn’t know what to enter for DNS records. That shed further light on your solution. The link to that discussion is at

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