Does 304 response count as a Class B (read) op?

I’m considering to use R2 as a backup for a WebSocket connection.

There’s some data, let’s say a list of comments. It rarely changes, but when it does I’d like to push it as soon as possible. For that reason it’s usually served with WebSocket.

To increase availability when WebSocket services fail I was considering to put all comments as immutable blocks of ~10 in R2 and keep the latest ones as a in a head.json, all files with ETags. When a new comment is published, the head.json file is updated. If WebSocket is down, the client keeps pulling with some interval (say, 5 seconds) head.json file. >99% of the requests to head.json will result in 304 responses.

So, my question is, will those 304 responses to head.json file count as Class B (read) operations? Will I be violating any ToS that Cloudflare will charge me for later if I go that path?