Does 1:1:1:1 act as a VPN?


I am trying to access a site that will only allow access via VPN. Can I use 1:1:1:1 for this?


VPN access only is usually specific to one particular VPN. For that you will need access to that VPN and furthermore is not a VPN anyhow, but simply a DNS resolver.


One of my colleagues was able to access the site using a paid version of ExpressVPN. I was hoping I could use Cloudflare instead but it sounds like not. I was confused because when I added 1:1:1:1 to my iPhone the VPN icon appeared on my phone. That’s why I thought it might function as a VPN.


Not sure what you mean by paid version, but the Cloudflare application on Android does register as VPN in order to control the DNS queries, but it still is not a VPN.


Got it, ok, thank you:)


If any forms of censorship/block is performed at DNS level, I guess changing DNS would work?


Yes, as long as the IPs or aren’t blocked or hijacked by your provider or government.


Well, the goal seems to be about bypassing some paywall and not poisoned DNS resolvers.

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