Does 100% uptime SLA means my website is up 100% 24/7


i am thinking about the business plan and my only concern is the 100% uptime for my website and to be able to load the ads i am using banners ads that’s working in like Javascript/Html code not really sure

so anyway i am getting tons of traffic right now to my website and all the time my server can’t handle it so i’m getting the 500 Internal server error

so does the Business plan here at Cloudflare gonna help me be 100% uptime all the time 24/7 and my website gonna server ads to all visitors no matter what ? like does my ads gonna show up no matter what to any amount of traffic high volume or not ?

really 1 step away from upgrading to Business plan so please help me Guys

really appreciate your help and reply


The 100% SLA, doesn’t mean that the server won’t have issues. It simply means that, in case of problems with Cloudflare (they can’t serve traffic, because they have issues internally) they will refund you the percentage of the price you have paid them.

The server remaining up is your responsibility and yours alone. Upgrade it if it’s having so many isssues.

ok so let’s talk about Always online then

is there is any difference between the always online in the Free plan and the Business plan ?

cause let’s say my server is up and running and Cloudflare is up and running

so is there is any difference in the Always Online feature under the Free or Business ?

also does Always Online server my ads as well ?

also does the Business plan or cloudflare in general means More traffic for me ?

waiting for your reply

so sorry i forgot to thank

Thank you so much for your great reply and help

really appreciate it


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Here are some info on Always Online:

The TL;DR is that the difference is the crawl frequency, but you shouldn’t count on Always Online to keep your website online. I, for one, have it disabled.

As far requests you should expect equal or, ideally if configured correctly, less requests. Cloudflare will do a little number of extra requests if Always Online is active, not much though.

wow i learnt so much from you my friend really appreciate it

about your last update though i really wanna understand a thing you say that less requests will go through Cloudflare if i have Always online ON so does that mean i should still use CLoudflare and Disable Always online ?

also please review this Requests details here for my website for the past three hours only because i just setup Cloudflare Three hours ago

and right now i have always online ON so if i disabled it i will get more visits ? but what if my website started to crash again ? please explain more

Always Online is only active if the webserver doesn’t work and will reply to your users. Otherwise it’s not activated and doesn’t change the numbers. If your domain serves ads it won’t benefit, since the crawler for Always Online starts from the root domain, but I don’t exactly know your setup.

The number of requests going through if Always Online is active in a few tens of requests every few days. You get 200k reqs/h, they won’t matter much regardless.

Awesome thank you so much

i really appreciate it

have a very nice day

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