Does only block adult content, or also more?

I noticed that the domain is categorized as Information Technology, Personal Blogs and Questionable Activities. It is not malware and does not serve malware. seems to resolve it:

dig @ +short

But does not:

dig @ +short is another domain that I found blocked on but not on This domain is categorized as Cartoons & Anime, Questionable Activities, Video Streaming. Again, Questionable Activities.

It seems like also blocks the category Questionable Activities, not just only adult content. I did not see this documented anywhere. Are there any other categories blocks? And can the documentation for this be updated?

Hello @milk,

As per the blog post on Introducing for Families, Cloudflare’s DNS service blocks not only adult content but also websites categorized under “Questionable Activities.” This includes domains that may not necessarily host malware but are associated with activities like torrenting or certain streaming services that may infringe on copyrights. The documentation may not explicitly list all categories, but you can refer to Cloudflare Gateway’s categorization for a more comprehensive understanding, as the same data sources are used for filters. If you believe a website is incorrectly categorized, you can report it to Cloudflare for reevaluation.

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