Does do web content filtering like Cisco's OpenDNS?

Hello, does do web content filtering like Cisco’s OpenDNS? If not at the level of detail like OpenDNS (ie filtering by topic to prevent users from going to sites that are, for example, drug or gambling related - does Cloudflare at least remove domains / IPs from resolving for sites that are known hosts for malware?

Definitely no content filtering like OpenDNS, and I’m pretty sure it doesn’t do malware filtering either. AFAIK, it’s completely unfiltered. Just private and fast. Most browsers already filter unsafe sites.


Thanks for the quick reply! I leverage the web content filtering for things other than browsers - especially the malware that works independent of a browser.

For now, I’ll to stick to OpenDNS for my network and continue to test on my cell.

Thanks again for the input.


You can have the best of both worlds on your home network by setting up Pi-Hole.

Wow, definitely cool. A good reason to finally buy a Raspberry Pi! Thanks again!

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For what it’s worth, does malware filtering (optionally). and have different philosophies.

I use Quad9 as my fallback. I thought malware filtering was default. How does one specify options? should give the same results to everybody.

Malware filtering is the default. You can turn it off by using

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@sdayman and @mnordhoff - great info! Thank you very much. By the way, I found this article that may help others in evaluating / deciding which service to use.

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