Dodgy FTP connection. Is Cloudflare affecting this?

Hi everyone! First-time poster here. I have a technical question. I build my website using a dummies’ package, and still don’t understand any of the terminology (please bear in mind if you reply to this!). I downloaded Cloudflare in 2018 to take care of my SSL. I’m now trying to update my site (first time since then) and my software’s (WebPlus) connection to the FTP (?) is unreliable. Not a complete fail, so clearly the means to connect are definitely there. I need to contact Serif and my host of course, but can Cloudflare affect the upload process? I’ve tried pausing it and also using Developmental Mode but when the connection is so inconsistent it’s hard to see what’s going on. I’d be grateful for some pointers. Thanks!

Cloudflare does not handle FTP. Any hostname which you want to use for FTP has to be unproxied (:grey:).

Hi Sandro, thanks for replying. But I’m afraid I don’t know what FTP is, and don’t understand what proxying is (see above!). Do you mean I should be pausing Cloudflare before doing site maintenance, or does it make no difference?


You don’t need to pause you need to switch the records in question from :orange: to :grey:.


Also, check out as that explains the fundamental concepts of Cloudflare.


Aha! Yes, now I remember! It’s been a while… :laughing: Thanks Sandro, I’ll give it another try.

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