Documentation improvements request: Cloudflare Images

I started using Cloudflare Images this week, and ran into a bunch of documentation issues.

  • It’d be nice to clarify that “Images are priced at $5 per 100,000 images stored” means that you need to choose a plan beforehand (that can be changed). This implies that a) you can run out of quota, and b) you don’t get charged $0.00005 if you store just one image, but the full $5.
  • “Trusted by millions of Internet properties” is about Cloudflare in general, but it struck me as misleading to see it on the images page. There is no indication that statement is not about images specifically.

  • I got here by clicking “View API docs” on the previous page, a link from here to Cloudflare API v4 Documentation would’ve saved me a lot of searching.

  • The Object definition is incorrect:
    • “metadata” is actually called “meta” (Though “metadata” would’ve been nicer to be consistent with the Request property).
    • “variants” is a list, rather than a dict. (Though a dict would’ve been nicer.)
  • The example includes an “original” variant, which is misleading because as far as I know there is no way to retrieve the originally uploaded image (which would actually be nice to have).

#cloudflare-images-upload-an-image-using-a-single-http-request (I can’t put in the full URL because I’m only allowed 4 URLs in my first post.)

  • The example response has the same issues as the Object Definition
  • The example response claims “result” is an array of objects, but it’s just an object.

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