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Does the documentation at developers dot cloudflare dot com (link removed because new users can’t post >2 hyperlinks and apparently a literal “foo dot com” counts… grr Discourse) have a means to be updated by anything other than a support ticket? It would be great if it was a repository that accepted pull requests or similar.

In my case, I’d like to fix any dead links (e.g. the reference to in Configuring Access policies) and update some of the instructions and screenshots to match the redesigned Azure AD interface recently overhauled by Microsoft.

Two related nitpicks with Discourse: 1.) There’s no “Documentation” tag/section to use for this topic, and 2.) there’s no preview pane that I can find that will render the markdown before creating a new topic or reply.

Hmm, do you not see the preview to the right of the composer window?

No, there is not, I guess you could use a documentation tag as opposed to Category. We also have doc change/update requests that come in the feedback section. But, thank you very much for this feedback, I’ll flag it for the team.

Edit - I bumped your permissions a bit to work around some of the trust level issues.


Ah, I see, it was hidden by a z-index:500 panel that was exactly the same size so it wasn’t obvious that there was anything to see by dismissing it. (It was clear that it could be dismissed, just not clear that it would’ve revealed anything else.)

Much appreciated, but not entirely necessary; if it’s using the same Discourse defaults as most other communities, posting a single decent topic or just reading several existing topics is usually enough to earn Basic, I think.

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